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The magazine is a knockout. Printed in full color with great photos and compelling charts and graphics, it draws new readers to your school. The magazine is informative rather than “salesy” and its direct mail approach is proven and cost-effective. Learn more


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The online version of the physical CareerFocus magazine. With an effective web presence, you can make your college ubiquitous and easy to find. This isn’t just a “page-flipper” digital version of your existing magazine layout. We redesign it specifically for the web. Learn more


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Targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram lead your community members to you. In addition, each of your articles has its own url, perfect for sharing on all social media channels so that you can keep people in the loop and up to speed with what you’re doing. Learn more



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This is your way to reach new readers. It is informative, full-color and attractively designed.

And we’ll help you target the most productive regions in your service area. Included with our service is our Marketing Zone suite of demographics analysis tools. When you first start with the Consortium, we’ll provide you with a breakdown of the major variables within your student demographic, helping you determine which segments of your prospective student population should be targeted to strategically maximize the effect of your well-crafted content. Each fall thereafter, we’ll help you assess the changing geographic distribution of your students to refine your game plan.

Online edition

Every edition of your print magazine has a corresponding OnlineEdition. The OE is a responsive site with automatic reformatting to fit desktop, tablet and smartphone. Each article has its own url and is configured for search engine optimization.

Social media

1. Ads on Instagram and Facebook

2. Targeted to your service area, age ranges (if desired) and subject area of interest

3. We do the work. You provide editorial approval beforehand and see the results of campaigns immediately afterward.



Win funding elections with Career Focus!

Communicating with your constituency is key to winning funding elections, and CF has proven to be an effective part of that process. We are glad to share with you our experience with funding elections around the country and provide help.

← See how Henry Ford College overcame unprecedented economic conditions and a poor voting record in an off-year election to win their election at 73%.

Putting it together is easy!


The CareerFocus library is an ever-growing catalogue of thousands of articles, searchable by keyword, topic, or level of customization. Because every college has specific needs, all of our content is designed with an eye toward adaptability.

Every article in the CareerFocus library can be customized to reflect your college’s unique brand identity, from color palettes to fonts to special design elements.


Our Edition Builder online interface lets you pick articles from the library, edit them to fit your school, and collaborate with colleagues and our editors.

Templates and ready-to-go articles make putting a magazine together a painless process. With fields for student profiles and program details, adaptable feature articles are the perfect way to spark interest in your college’s course offerings.


CareerFocus Express Editions are complete magazines that you can customize by dropping in photos of your own students, and the rest is all but done. Seven versions (and growing) to choose from. Put the content together in hours, not weeks.

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CareerFocus Consortium of Community Colleges
CareerFocus Consortium of Community CollegesSaturday, December 3rd, 2016 at 11:44am

Wonderful initiative, #HolyokeCommunityCollege! "Increasing opportunities through educational transformation" for inmates and former inmates. The first cohort begins the program in January. Upon successful completion, participants will obtain a high school equivalency degree, a culinary arts certificate, a Serv-Safe certification and an OSHA-10 certification,...

CareerFocus Consortium of Community Colleges
CareerFocus Consortium of Community CollegesWednesday, November 30th, 2016 at 2:57pm

Community college career training programs offer a much better value than similar programs at for-profit institutions, according to new U.S. Education Department data. Mean earnings of graduates of certificate programs at public undergraduate programs are nearly $9,000 higher than mean earnings of graduates of for-profit...

CareerFocus Consortium of Community Colleges
CareerFocus Consortium of Community CollegesWednesday, November 16th, 2016 at 11:56am

“Now that I’ve experienced a community college, my perception is completely different,” she said. “They’re very underestimated.” Amy Miramontes-Franco surprised even herself when, for financial reasons and because she hadn’t yet decided on a major, she began her higher education at a local community college.

CareerFocus Consortium of Community Colleges
CareerFocus Consortium of Community CollegesSunday, November 13th, 2016 at 3:59am

Paul Tse, 30, isn’t afraid to admit that he wasn’t the best student in high school — he even told Congress. In May, Tse testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education as part of a push by the Associated Builders and Contractors...

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