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CareerFocus is a time-tested product that specializes in promoting careers. It is completely customizable and is full of useful information to showcase your community college’s programs and

Use SmartStart to connect with Generation Z, the largest college-going generation.

SmartStart is…
• Based on extensive research on the reading habits of high school students and how they respond to marketing. Its design reflects their preferences.
• More image- and infographic-intensive.
• Packed with short, punchy articles
• Geared to engaging young people about the post-high school world that awaits them, not only the careers that they may enter
• Full of subjects of significant interest to “Gen Z” – from makerspaces to entrepreneurship to the “gig economy” and everything in-between.

Reach out in many ways

Reaching out with CareerFocus and SmartStart is as easy as 1,2,3!


Print version

The magazine is a knockout. Printed in full color with great photos and compelling charts and graphics, it draws new readers to your school. The magazine is informative rather than “salesy” and its direct mail approach is proven and cost-effective. Learn more


Online edition

Designed as mobile-first, the online version of your magazine gives you a highly flexible tool. Not only can it be attractively displayed on your website, but individual articles can be promoted on the platform of your choice. You will have URLs that look great on phones, tablets or desktops. Learn more


Social media

Targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram lead your community members to you. In addition, each of your articles has its own url, perfect for sharing on all social media channels so that you can keep people in the loop and up to speed with what you’re doing. Learn more

Your  magazine

This is your way to reach new readers. It is informative, full-color and attractively designed.

And we’ll help you target the most productive regions in your service area. Included with our service is our Marketing Zone suite of demographics analysis tools. When you first start with the Consortium, we’ll provide you with a breakdown of the major variables within your student demographic, helping you determine which segments of your prospective student population should be targeted to strategically maximize the effect of your well-crafted content. Each fall thereafter, we’ll help you assess the changing geographic distribution of your students to refine your game plan.

(Why use print?)

Online edition

Every edition of your print magazine has a corresponding OnlineEdition. The OE is a responsive site with automatic reformatting to fit desktop, tablet and smartphone. Each article has its own url and is configured for search engine optimization.

Social media

1. Ads on Instagram and Facebook

2. Targeted to your service area, age ranges (if desired) and subject area of interest

3. We do the work. You provide editorial approval beforehand and see the results of campaigns immediately afterward.

Textback service

Generation Z rarely makes phone calls, but makes hundreds of texts a day. Let prospective students get enrollment tips, registration dates and more, via text!

Win funding elections with Career Focus!

Communicating with your constituency is key to winning funding elections, and CF has proven to be an effective part of that process. We are glad to share with you our experience with funding elections around the country and provide help.

← See how Henry Ford College overcame unprecedented economic conditions and a poor voting record in an off-year election to win their election at 73%.

Our library of articles and infographics makes it easy!


The CareerFocus library is an ever-growing catalogue of thousands of articles, searchable by keyword, topic, or level of customization. Because every college has specific needs, all of our content is designed with an eye toward adaptability.

Every article in the CareerFocus library can be customized to reflect your college’s unique brand identity, from color palettes to fonts to special design elements.


Our Edition Builder online interface lets you pick articles from the library, edit them to fit your school, and collaborate with colleagues and our editors.

Templates and ready-to-go articles make putting a magazine together a painless process. With fields for student profiles and program details, adaptable feature articles are the perfect way to spark interest in your college’s course offerings.


CareerFocus Express Editions are complete magazines that you can customize by dropping in photos of your own students, and the rest is all but done. Seven versions (and growing) to choose from. Put the content together in hours, not weeks.

Check out our work

Samples of our work and images that really speak career can be found on our Instagram page

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Why use print to engage Gen-Z?

Speak the language of Gen Z and deliver your message by print and digital


‌This generation cares about:


‌Being treated like adults. Don't play down your marketing. Address real issues intelligently.


‌Personal expression and the opinions of "real people". Gen Z tends to reject the "celebrity culture" and auto-alert communications.


‌Environmental messaging. Gen Z cares a lot! Printing is the only medium with a one-time carbon footprint. All other media require energy every time they are viewed.


Gen Z cares more about content than method of delivery, but multichannel content is most effective.

Did you know?

According to AdWeek, 88% of students today deliberately choose to align with businesses adopting "responsible practices."


Print is the most renewable medium. In 2010, 63.5% of all paper consumed was recycled (an increase of 77% since 1990). Today, there are more trees than on the first Earth Day.


While digital media will continue to grow, Gen Z also pays attention to the fact that the carbon footprint of electronic media is several times greater than ink and paper. (Read more)

The bottom line:


Gen Z responds to direct mail, especially when it educates and tells a story about real people.


"Our generation is full of media and advertisements every time we turn around. We really don’t like to be sold. We’d much rather be educated about…


‌Gen Z places more value on the opinions of real people and are increasingly democratically-minded.


‌"75% of my generation has purchased something as a result of direct mail marketing."

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